Happy 12 year old trainee

Last week 12 year old Lukas from Rejmyre helped us in Jönsson Novabolagen within his school's work experience programme. During three days he learnt both office work and loading of wire rods. On a tour to Pampus Terminal he also experienced handling of sawn timber and paper and watched the discharge of a container vessel.                          

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See how far we have come

Our staff has, during 5 weeks in April and May, fought bravely in an honorable walking competition. The result is quite impressive as the distance we together have covered corresponds to as much as 10% of the distance around the world!

Stegtavling 1

Another record shipment...

The top layer is placed on M/V Antonia B. which completes another record shipment to the UK. 

Antonia B Karlshamn feb 2018

Support to Childhood Cancer Foundation

We continue our support to the Childhood Cancer Foundation throughout 2018.

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Happy new 2018!

We wish all our customers and partners a happy new 2018!

Happy New Year

The photo is taken on M/V Najade in a wintry port in the north of Sweden.

Christmas greetings

BCF Winterdigitalcard

Peter Anderson new Chief Executive Officer for Ahlmark-Lines A.-B.

As from the 1st of June Peter Anderson has been appointed Chief Executive Officer also for Ahlmark-Lines A.-B.

PA VD nyhet


Christmas greetings from Santa

In October Jönsson Nova moved Santa's whole village from Kolmården outside Norrköping to the island of Gotland. Santa has now settled in and sends here his Christmas greetings, and also takes the opportunity to say thank you for the help with the move. 

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Christmas donation

We have again this year given a donation to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

With this we would like to wish all our business partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!