Jönsson Novabolagen 85 years in business

Rudolf Jönsson was one of three sons in a shipbroking family. To carry on the family tradition, he founded his company Rudolf Jönsson & Co in Norrköping in 1933. The next year he took on the chartering of the S/S Fagervik.

SS Fagervik

With shipbroking still being a core business to us, in the 85 years since, the range of services on offer has expanded and today Jönsson Novabolagen is a complete logistics company. 

Now in December 2018 we look back at 85 years in a constantly changing world and market, and we look forward to many years to come. With a skilled and dedicated crew within all logistical areas, regardless sea or land solutions, our ambition and focus is to continue to develop and improve ourselves together with our customers.

Saltangsgatan 33 

Jungmansgatan 3