Christmas greetings from Santa

In October Jönsson Nova moved Santa's whole village from Kolmården outside Norrköping to the island of Gotland. Santa has now settled in and sends here his Christmas greetings, and also takes the opportunity to say thank you for the help with the move. 

Tomtebyn 2    Tomtebyn 1

Christmas donation

We have again this year given a donation to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

With this we would like to wish all our business partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Jönsson Nova helps with Santa's move

For almost 20 years the Santa from Kolmården outside Norrköping has opened up his village with small houses for children and families to visit every December. But as it was decided that the new high speed railway will be built over the farm and Santas village, they family choose to move to the island of Gotland instead.

Jönsson Novabolagen has now arranged the move of the 10 small houses to Gotland, first lifts with mobile crane to tractor transport through the forest, and thereafter with trailer, a somewhat different assignment.

Watch the clip (in Swedish):

 Tomtebyn kran

Tomtebyn traktor

New vessel

Jönsson Novabolagen has taken M/V Windstar on a time chartering for the autumn period. The vessel will run with mainly sawn timber from south Sweden to UK.

New telephone system

We are on Thursday 28th of April installing a new telephone system for Jönsson Novabolagen and Becoship. If you can not reach us, this can be the reason. In this case, pls try to contact us by email.

This years Christmas gift is hope

Jönsson Novabolagen supports the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation with a donation.

With this we would like to wish all our business partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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New ship agent

Jönsson Novabolagen has employed Emelie Svensson as new ship agent. Emelie has a captains degree from University and is a welcome addition to our agency!

Retired after 39 years with Jönsson

On September 30th Sven Münter worked his last day on the agency department at Jönsson Nova. After 39 years employment within the company, collegues, customers and suppliers thanked him with flowers and gifts.

The Swedish Shipbrokers Associations annual meeting in Norrköping

Around a hundred members will come to Norrköping to attend the Swedish Shipbrokers Associations annual meeting on Friday the 22nd of May.

Other than the meeting, the program includes also a boat trip in the Port of Norrköping and a walking tour through the old industrial parts of the city, and ends with a dinner at the old City Hall.

New collegue

Today Patrick Lindqvist begins his employment with Jönsson Novabolagen. He started his career in forwarding with us at Jönsson Nova and has after that worked with some known companies within the trade.

We welcome Patrick back to us again!