New addition to the fleet

As we see increasing volumes for 2014 we have taken in the vessel Fri Brevik to our fleet. The vessel on 3600 dwcc was built 2001 and is intended to replace Norrvik in our liner trade with timber from Sweden to Great Britain.

This years Christmas gift

Jönsson Novabolagen has this Christmas chosen to support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation with a donation.

With this we would like to wish all our business partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Sawn timber to the US

Jönsson Novabolagen has as brokers booked a cargo with sawn timber from Sweden to the US East Coast. The cargo was loaded onto a handy-size ship with gantry-cranes. Let's hope that the american market will start to bloom again and create an increased demand for swedish timber!

Star Istind 3

Jönsson Nova represented at Norwegian 20 year anniversery

tradewinds 4Norbroker celebrated 20 years in business during two days in Flekkefjord, Norway. Jönsson Novabolagen was represented by Henrik Andersson, which was noticed by and published in Tradewinds on September 20th.

M/V Antonia B at Oskarshamn

Antonia B Oskarshamn augusti 2013

Antonia B calling Oskarshamn, loading timber for Tunisia. The vessel belongs to the JNAB fleet since 2008 and she trades mostly between the Baltic and the Mediterranean with sawn timber. Tunisia and Algeria are regular destinations. Antonia B can load about 5500 tons or 7000 cbm timber and sails under Antigua flag.

Jönsson Novabolagen ships international exhibition

On August the 30th Prince Carl Philip will open the exhibition ”1001 Inventions – Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World” at Värmlands Museum in Karlstad. Jönsson Novabolagen has arranged the transport of the five containers with the exhibition, from Virginia US to Karlstad, being the first stop on the European tour.

1001 Inventions is a price winning, international idea- and science historical exhibition showing scientific and cultural achievements during the golden age of the Muslim civilizations between the years 600 and 1600. The exhibition has already been a great success in New York, London, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Washinton DC and Doha and has been praised by international celebrities such as Hillary Clinton and Prince Charles.

1001 Inventions

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Addition to the Jönsson Novabolagen fleet

We welcome our new vessel M/V NAJADE to the Jönsson Novabolagen fleet. The vessel on 3900 dwcc was built 2011 and will mostly run in our liner trade with timber from Sweden to Great Britain.

The picture shows the vessel loading timber on the Pampus quay in Norrköping.


M/V Anicia discharging wood chips in Norrköping

Anicia Norrköping

M/V Anicia was in October in Norrköping for discharging of a wood chips cargo from Grimsby. This was one of the vessel's last voyages in JNAB time charter. Anicia has been sailing under the company flag since March 2007 and has during this time shipped over 321.000 cubic metres sawn timber and 310.000 tons bulk cargo.

With this we also would like to thank owners and crew for very good cooperation during the past years.


The Lundatorp terminal closes down

The board of Jönsson Novabolagen AB has decided to close down all warehousing- and terminal activities at the Lundatorp terminal during December 2012.

We would like to thank all our customers for good cooperation during the past years.