Quality policy

BMG Trada CertifieringAhlmark Lines and Jönsson Novabolagen together form a logistic company working with transports from East Coast Sweden and from Lake Vänern. The companies are constantly working to fullfill our customers needs and expectations for secure, competitive and punctual sea transports and to perform forwarding and agency work of the highest quality.

Together with our customers we shall form solutions and provide services in a way that is beneficial for our customers total economy and encourage good and long lasting customer relations.

To achieve our quality policy we always work with continuos improvement:

  • To keep and live up to our contracts and agreements. This we achive through a good communication with our customers and suppliers as well as internally within the company.
  • Always aim for all customers to be satisfied.
  • Constant work to reduce shortshipments and cargo damages.
  • Have a well adapted quality system, well established and understood by our  educated and engaged staff.
  • Always improve the service to our customers with the right information and documentation.
  • A management with the final responsibility for maintaining the quality policy.
  • To live by the laws and regulations prevailing for the transport sector.
  • Our staff shall always try to know our customers needs and requests.

Environmental policy

Ahlmark Lines and Jönsson Novabolagen work together, aiming to perform transport services with as little effect on the environment as possible. The companies aim all the time to be well ahead in the demands from the market and the authorities for effective, safe and environmentally friendly transports.The work to try to find solutions reducing the effect on the environment is constantly proceeding.

We shall with great skills operate our vessels and plan our transports to be as efficient as possible and thereby environmentally optimal.

We shall in our daily work save the daily resources, both materials and energy, needed for the daily operation in the company.

We achieve this by informing and engaging all staff in the company’s environmental work.

quality standard approvedCertified by Fonasba (Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents) Quality Standard

The Fonasba Quality Standard (FQS) serves to assist ship owners and operators in their selection of who is to represent them. This will ensure a specific level of knowledge and experience as well as financial standing of their selected representative.

General terms and conditions

The Swedish Shipbrokers’ Association has general terms and conditions applicable for all members of the association. The terms regulate the right for advance payments, payment terms, delivery of cash to master etc.

Read the full terms and conditions here: Swedish_Shipbroker_Associations_General_Terms_and_Conditions_version_2013_1.pdf

NSAB 2000

General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders