Privacy policy

Processign of personal data within Jönsson Novabolagen

You should always feel safe to provide us in Jönsson Novabolagen with your personal data. We do all we can to protect it from unauthorized access. All personal data is processed based on the regulations in the Swedish law for protection of personal integrity.

The data referred to

Personal data means all information which in any way can be used to indentify or linked to a certain individual. The personal data we process can vary depending on the purpose of the registration. Company contacts are registered with address, phone number, department, e-mail address and position. For individual businesspersons we register the personal identity number which is also the company registration number.

Purose, lagful basis and removal

The purpose of a registration shall always be specified and is determining serveral aspects; for determining lawful basis for a registration but also to assess which data is registered, who are authorized to data and when data shall be removed. The purpose for the regisration of your personal data and on which lawful basis is described depending on the different relations Jönsson Novabolagen has to the registered person.

Your personal data is saved during a limited time and is removed when it is no longer relevant to the purpose for which they were registered,


Jönsson Novabolagen take adequate organizational and technical precautions to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, change and erasure. Saved data is protected with authorization control and fire wall. Internal documents show the handling of the personal data.

Data controller

Jönsson Novabolagen AB is the data controller for the processing of personal data within the company.


For any questions regarding the processing of personal data within Jönsson Novabolagen AB, please contact us, phone number: +46 11 250800 or address:

Jönsson Novabolagen AB
Box 57

You have the right to information on which personal data Jönsson Novabolagen is processing. Then please request this in writing to the data controller (address above).